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Reminder for when you are feeling “Blah”

IMG_5455.jpg                 If your childhood was similar to mine, you went to your place of worship at the end or beginning of each week (for me it was going to church on Sundays) and “The Adults” in your life, be it your parents or older siblings forced you to go to the children’s church instead of causing distraction for them in their “adult services.” In the Children’s Church, you sang songs like ‘You got the whole world in your hands,  Father Abraham, Rise & Shine and give God the Glory’ and other Children’s Melodious Hits. The cool thing about these songs back then was that they were too sophisticated to be sung standing still so there was always a great choreography to match each song, thanks to the Children’s Church adult volunteers. 🙂

        Out of all of the songs we sang and danced matching choreography to, ‘You have got the whole world’ was my favorite. Its choreography was the silliest in my eyes because all we did was raised our hands, palm-facing up and turn around in circles until we were either seeing double or about to pass out from vertigo. We were always so happy after singing this song for some reason that i never quite understood. I reasoned that even though we were kids, we thought the choreography was pretty silly or because deep down in our childish hearts, we understood the symbolism of the choreography. We understood that lifting our problems and handing them over to a God that has the WHOLE WORLD in his hands was liberating. The song itself is therapy and the choreography was the tool for the cleansing.The older I got, the less silly I became and the more seriousness I assume without even meaning to.

      This morning, I woke up feeling a little “blah” and as I was talking to The Father about my blah state of mind, I opened my daily devotional, and the message for this morning was “Choosing what your life looks like.” The introduction passage to the lesson was my favorite childhood Sunday Morning Song :D. So, to do the song justice; I got up, lifted my hands up and I danced in circle as I sang “You have got the whole world in your hands.” It felt silly but I continued to groove on and after 50 seconds into it, I could not help but to burst into a hearty laughter. I laughed so hard my tummy ached at my childish but exonerating silliness. My Blah state of mind was transformed into an Aha state!

im always.jpg

       I used to think to myself that the reason we laughed as a kid every time we danced in circle with our hands up to the song was because of the silliness of the dance but I discovered that we laughed because of the liberating effect and truth that the song commanded. John 8:32 states that “ you shall know the truth, and the truth shall sets you free.” The song is an anthem of freedom. A song that proclaims the truth that God is in control of our lives and that He is with us always. Whatever will happen in our lives will happen no matter what, and on our Blah days, if we lift our problems to the commander of the whole world, He will show us that He is with us, and always, He is. He can help us manage every state of our lives.

       “Heavenly Lord, your name is wonderful. Your name is marvelous, your name is beautiful. I worship you lord for you are mighty, you have got the whole world in your hands. You have got the whole world in your hands, you have got the whole world, in your hands. You have got the whole world, in your hands. You have got the Whole World in His Hands.”



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