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Salad of the Week: Quinoa Salad

DSC_0947Quinoa Salad with mixed vegetables, curried black eyed peas and sweet potato.
1/3 bag of frozen mixed vegetables
2 medium sized sweet potatoes
1 cup of mixed color quinoa
2 cups of black eyed peas
2 cubes of cilantro knorr seasoning
1 tablespoon of curry, 1 teaspoon of thyme and 2 tablespoon of dried cilantro

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.19.43 AMDirections:
1.Boil black eyed eyes peas for 30 minutes on med- high heat. Season with knorr seasoning, curry, thyme, cilantro.
2. Peel and slice the sweet potatoes, then Boil them for 20 minutes on med-high heat and set aside.
3. Microwave/ warm frozen mixed vegetables. Then set aside.
4. Boil quinoa mix for 20- 30 (based on preferred softness) minutes and then set aside.
5. Place the quinoa in a bowl, add the mixed veggies, add sweet potatoes, black eyed peas and toss.
6. Serve as desired!
Bon Appetit!

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