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This Christmas: Give a flash of your 32!

This Christmas: Give a flash of your 32!

christmas tree

         Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love this holiday for so many reasons. Mostly, for the spirit of joy and community it commands. For the love, peace and hope it ordains and for the ray of smiles that lights up the days. As a race of people, during this season, our hearts are softer. We are more keen to forgive, more understanding, more loving, more giving and more human. During this season, people are generally more joyous no matter what they may be going through in their personal and or professional lives, and most people are more willing to share their hearts with others. 

      Despite our differences and prejudices, Christmas is the time that we all come together, and it is the time of the year that we have the most in common. We are all wishing for more peace on earth, love, opportunities, miracles and we are all expectant and hopeful that the new year brings with it more newness and fresh air.

     This Christmas, the most inexpensive gift you could give a fellow human is a flash of your 32! Most of us are now with our loved ones under a shelter, with varieties of deliciousness on the dinning table, embracing the company of relatives, delighting in the oppression of sweet smelling aromas dominating the atmosphere and euphonious melodies directing the evenings. There are our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness, loneliness, hunger, human trafficking and in need of a miracle. Let us lend a hand with as much as it is in our power to do so, but most freely, let us flash our 32 and lift up their hearts with our ray of smiles.

       T’is Season, some of us are wanting or needing more, while others are giving or accepting more. Whichever more it may be for you, be more and do more.

Gratefully Yours,



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