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Never too young to Dream Big!

Casajulie Visual Communications

Back in the day of sandboxes, bicycles, and day dreams, there were no limits on the journey my imagination would take each day. Some days I was an astronaut; others a fireman racing off to save the world. Like most kids, I would eventually be happy to grow up like Dad and have a modest home in suburbia. The great thing about being a kid is you don’t have to worry about debt ceilings, falling stock markets, or seemingly simple tasks like providing food and shelter. You have the freedom to dream.

I was lucky to find myself in a middle-class family where the necessities of life were provided without difficulty. It seemed like my only responsibility in life was to be an all-American boy.  There is something very organic about growing up in a life full of possibilities. Like most kids, I dreamed of growing up and conquering the world…

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I enjoy developing new recipes and assisting everyday people to find easy-to-make and affordable recipes to jumpstart, maintain or try the plant-based lifestyle. It has been a rewarding experience for me personally as I have been able to manage known food allergies ever since I began this journey. No matter what your lifestyle choices are, I hope you learn something new and find a recipe to try on my website! Feel free to leave a comment below or to send me a message for any questions or suggestions you may have!

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