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“Gods not dead, he is surely alive and he is roaring like a lion!”
The response that my friend Courtney gave me when I randomly sent her a text that stated “God’s not dead!”
She didn’t question me and neither was she confused about my random outburst of Gods existence, but she responded with the quote above, she was there with me, spiritually as rich as I am if not richer …
When I sent the same text to another Friend of mine, I got the response “Neither am I, what do you mean Gods not dead”… Funny right?
See, it’s important in life to surround oneself with people that are where you are or ahead of you…
People that are Where you are spiritually, physically, mentally, academically or ahead of you in liked terms…
People like this challenges you, strengthens you, picks one up and they help you maintain an healthy balance in life…
God is always faithful to his own, he never fails his children..#truth
At the end of every tunnel, he makes a way for them
The realization of Gods presence all along in the form of a smile or a loud outburst that illuminates through ones cheeks after a long time of frustration is more liberating than freedom after a sentenced incarceration…
There is 2 months away from summer vacation and I have no idea what is destined for me to do this summer, my last summer in college…
I want to intern with a surgeon or physician or travel abroad to do a clinical internship, yet, no programs that I have been accepted into feels completely right…
It’s like there is something missing, like I am about to embark on the wrong journey…
Sitting at the movie theater yesterday when I was watching Gods not dead just gave me a new revelation of life, my life, Gods mercy and faithfulness…
He commanded light, made the heavens and the earth, made me In his own image and he commanded my existence to go and dominate, To go and multiply, and in the process of all these, I should remain beautifully and wonderfully made…
This great God that has seen me through every seasons of my life, why do I think he is not able to speak an opportunity for me this summer into existence., a program that is part of my journey in life..
Speaking of the people you surround yourself with, a friend of mine also got into a program in South Africa and at the beginning of the year, she had no idea how she was going to afford the program but one thing she kept telling me was “Helen, it’s going to happen, God is going to pay for me to achieve this dream. The program will just call me and award me a scholarship”
It sounds crazy Right?
Well it happened, the program awarded her a scholarship out of the blue 4 days ago… Since December, it happened in March!
God is faithful to his children if only we trust and cast all our hope upon him…
Her testimony has strengthened me, see I just believed that she is in the path that God has created her to follow and as long as she casts her trust and hope upon him, He would not fail her…
Which brings me back to me, through all this closed doors and unsurety about my plans for this summer, one thing is very vivid…My God is not dead, he is alive and roaring like a lion and as long as I cast my faith and face upon me, He will lead the way!


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  1. what a beautiful post! Helen, I am so thankful to have a friend like you and want to keep pressing forward. Your life is already written just let God show you the way. I can’t wait to hear your testimony and see the wonderful things He has in store for you! I love you and can’t wait to read more of your blog!


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